Freitag, 11. Dezember 2015

"" or how we started to change the company culture

For the past four months we have a weekly about mixed topics. After a colleague of mine and I started to prepare and present these talks for a couple of weeks, we found some colleagues presenting topics as well.

The following list gives an overview over the variation of the talks.

 7 Aug: Graph Databases
14 Aug: Twelve Factor App
21 Aug: Productivity and Self-management
28 Aug: Wearables or why should I walk 10.000 steps a day (DE)
 4 Sep: Taming Text
11 Sep: Open Source as chance for your enterprise
21 Sep: GitVersion
25 Sep: Lean Enterprise
 2 Oct: Happiness@Work (colleague)
 9 Oct: Don't want to write documentation?
15 Oct: 7 steps to become a super hero
23 Oct: Kanban in practice
29 Oct: Load tests with JMeter (colleague)
05 Nov: NuGet Ecosystem
12 Nov: Self-Improcement as Clean Code Developer
20 Nov: Drones! (colleague)
26 Nov: Git in practice
 4 Dec: DataScience
11 Dec: Surprise BBQ
...and we have already two talks scheduled for next year -from other colleagues.

In the end we found more and more colleagues presenting something... technical and non technical. The colleagues started to accept, participate and became involved into this idea of weekly talks.

But there are a lot more other advantages.

Management attention

The management started to realize that it makes sense to have an institution like "" to improve the business. Projects start to use tools we present like GitVersion or use management techniques like kanban boards (in addition to mantis tickets).

Talk more to each other

Depending on the kind of talk (drones, jmeter) we got  in touch with the daily work of our colleagues. Why did we bought a drone for the company? How do we do load testing on one of our products? And especially how do the others use git or write documentation? Now we and the others know!

Self improvement

We realized that out presentation skills improved and especially the time management during our presentations.

It was a lot of work to create these talk and prepare everything.
But due to the fact, we made all of our work in our spare-time,
we could do this open source and use this for "self marketing".

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